MailShake Review 2019 – Is it really worth the buck?

I decided to review Mailshake due the vast popularity of this platform. After setting up my brand-new Gmail it took only a couple of seconds to link it with Mailshake. Later I set up a campaign which was easy to do as it was dividing into 6 mini steps that caused me no issues at all. However, during the 2nd step I was halted with the limit of 5000 emails, this could be a setback for some of you having a list bigger than 5000, but Mailshake makes it easy to rectify this as all I had to do was duplicate the campaign and plug in the remaining contacts.

Whilst sending you are able to choose the intervals between the sending, I had set mine to send 2 email every 8 minutes, between 7am and 5pm. The purpose of this was to have a more human-like setting. Sadly this did not work as Google blocked my sending for 24 hours and I was forced to modify the schedule but this did not solve it. The issue was I was sending from a fresh Gmail and normally it is recommended that you go step by step incrementally increasing the amount of emails and not shoot hundreds in a go with a fresh Gmail.

Mailshake Features
Mailshake Features


Some of the Advantages I found of using Mailshake:

• Very good at sequences and effective reporting of open rates, click rates, and ‘did not open emails’ count.
• The Mail merge works smoothly. You can easily enter in any number of custom mail merge tags based on the CSV columns and then map them accordingly.
• Simple view analytics and easy to use exports of data for advanced excel work and monitoring performance.


Some of the disadvantages of Mailshake I came across include:

• Higher pricing compared to tools like

• I could not find many cons when it comes to Mailshake , they provide what they claim flawlessly!

• Poor support response time.


I used the $49 Monthly ‘Pro’ version.
For more info on updated pricing plans visit:

Confused of what tool to go with? You can check out my comparison article where I do a side by side review of Mailshake Vs SalesHandy Vs

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