SalesHandy Honest Review – Is it worth it?

Saleshandy though with many more features I still have to explore I decided to focus on the Email Campaign side of things. Maybe in another article I can do a deep dive of each of these features. The first drawback I quickly noticed was I could only send 200 at a time, in order to send more than 200 I had to purchase the enterprise version to ramp up the limit to 2000. Do not let this enterprise tag get to you as it only costs $50 which is fairly reasonable for a startup but priced higher compared to its competitors. Saleshandy however backs up the pricing by claiming it has more features but most of these features are not used by most of us so this is something you should check out. Linking Gmail was fairly simple, and I had to install the extension in Chrome in order to test out this platform. The extension is used for notifications and popups unlike where all the functionalities are provided on your Gmail. This means I had to go to a separate tab and setup things.

I ran the test on another fresh Gmail and to my surprise found my inbox with almost tons of unread emails that said ‘You have reached the sending limit’. This was frustrating as SalesHandy did not stop the sending automatically and the emails had started bouncing and with the limit of 200 and 2000 I had to check many different campaigns to rectify the issue which was really time consuming. From the 3 I personally found this tool the most annoying and broken.

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•More features than all the other tools.

•Great support and fast response rate.


•The ability to auto convert Excel files to CSV. This software only allows CSV file which can be an another extra step for conversion.

•Quite a few bugs and is glitchy

•Limit of 200 per campaign increases the time spent

•Does not automatically stop sending when limit reached causing high bounce rates


Pricing page:

I used the 50$ Monthly ‘Enterprise’ version.

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